Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club Ltd

Rinks must be prebooked, on-line or email the Greenranger at greenranger@wpavilionbc.club * - - * This site will be changing as the site is developed. * - - * Thank you for your patience.
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Updated 20/Nov/22 16:08

  Bowls Software  Supplier of software for bowls clubs
  English Indoor Bowling Association  Governing body for flat green indoor bowls in England and national competitions.
  Bowls England  Governing body for outdoor bowls in England
  Sussex County Men's Indoor Bowls Association  Governing body for Sussex men's indoor bowls
  Sussex County Women's Indoor Bowling Association  Governing body for Sussex women's indoor bowls
  Sussex County Bowls  Governing body for Sussex outdoor Bowls
  West Sussex Bowls League  West Sussex Bowls League
  London & Southern Counties  London & Southern Counties Bowling Association
  Gladys Rowlands/Edward Roland  Information for Outdoor (Gladys Rowland ladies / Edward Rowland men) competitions - Burgess Hill website under competitions
  Bradie & Stracey competitions  Information for the Brodie & Stracey leagues
  Laws of bowls  Download your copy of the laws of bowls
  A beginners guide to lawn bowling  A beginner's guide to lawn bowling